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Polymer coated potassium chloride ( PC MOP)
Product name:
Polymer coated potassium chloride ( PC MOP)
Total nutrient:

Color: Red

 potassium oxide content:56-58%


Package: 9.5kg/bag


Product description:

Initial release rate of Nutrient is less than 0.5%(25℃,24h),Product particles are irregular,the only manufacturer in the country.

2、Longevity: 85days, 120days, 180days, 270days, 360days.

3、suitable for rice, corn, cotton, fruit trees and other crops in the late growth stage of the need to supplement potash.

4、Greatly improve crop yield, improve the resistance of lodging resistance, and avoid root senescence;

5、Has been exported to the EU, South Korea, Malaysia, Japan and other countries.also has been unanimously recognized by foreign customers.

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